NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Patient Stories: Thomas Whitelaw

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Summary: Thomas Whitelaw talks about his experiences of caring for his mum Joan who had vascular dementia. He didn't see himself as a carer till they had a crisis, he just saw himself as her son. At first he thought that it would just be short term till she got on her feet, but it was a long term proposition. He didn't know where to go for help or information on her condition. The support services available were not promoted to him at the right time. She was on the list for continence care, so he had to do all her personal care himself. He felt this was not appropriate for her to live with dignity. When she was in hospital for short stays, he felt that he could have been asked to help communicate with her, as she couldn't speak. He felt that the people involved with her care never got to know her as a person, just as a condition.
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