GCPH Seminar Series 7: Transforming Finance - Recognising the Global Financial System as a Commons

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Summary: The first Seminar Series event of 2011 took place on Wednesday 19th January at the Teacher Building, Glasgow. Hazel Henderson spoke live from Florida via webcast. At the seminar Hazel discussed the implications of recognising global finance as a commons for re-structuring our current global casinos. She explored how to restore the purpose of finance as serving the real economies of the world, as well as the principles that should guide finance in the service of people and planet and outline the limits of markets and money itself. She examined how best to defend the global commons: atmosphere, oceans, biodiversity, etc. from inappropriate market penetration and protect human rights, especially those of indigenous peoples in non-market societies and their traditional cultures and lands. Her seminar also raised possible implications of socially responsible investing at the local level.
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