GCPH and Journal of Public Mental Health Seminar: Promoting Positive Mental Health in a Time of Inequalities - an Ethical Dilemma?

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Summary: Featuring renowned speakers Professor Richard Wilkinson and Professor Corey Keyes, this seminar was held in Glasgow on Thursday 11th October 2007. As part of the Journal of Public Mental Health series of seminars, it explored key issues in public mental health and invited debate about the gap between what we know about population level influences on mental health and current policy responses to psycho-social problems. The series was supported by the National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing, the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, the Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health and the Mental Health Foundation.
Creators: Corey Keyes
Richard Wilkinson
Copyright holder: Copyright ©2007 Glasgow Centre for Population Health
Tags: Public Health, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Mental Health
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