Research Skills and Professional Issues - Week 1

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Research Skills and Professional Issues - Week 1
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    Research Skills and Professional Issues - Week 1
    Research Skills and Professional Issues - Week 1
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    Summary: Your Honours project will act as the "cap-stone" that completes the experience that is built up throughout your programme. It will be an important and substantial individual piece of work in which you create a computer-based solution to a real-world problem. In order to do the Honours project you will need to apply a range of skills and knowledge. While there is some time to go before you start the project, it is important to start preparing now, which is why you are now studying the Research Skills & Professional Issues module. You will need to apply some specific skills that you have learned, or will learn, from modules on, for example, programming, or web development, and others, depending on the topic of your project. You will also need to apply research skills. For example, you will need to be able to research the problem area, the approaches that others have taken before to solve related problems and the technologies and approaches that you might take in your project. You will also need to reflect and report on the knowledge that has been gained in doing the project. Your project will be based on a real-world topic, and so you will need to understand the expectations and constraints that apply to Computing professionals in the real world. These are the professional issues that will influence the conduct of your project and, probably more importantly, will influence your professional career. This module provides detailed coverage of the research and project skills required to underpin the final honours project and to prepare for professional practice, and includes the review of a variety of research methods and their applicability to a range of contexts. It further develops scholarly study skills, analytical writing skills, and presentation skills. The final coursework for this module will be an individual project proposal.
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