GCU Inaugural Professorial Lecture: Transnational Education (TNE) Partnerships - Critical Success Factors!

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Summary: In his lecture, Professor Ahmed Al Bulushi examines Transnational Education (TNE) Partnerships, looking at the academic collaboration between Glasgow Caledonian University and Caledonian College of Engineering in Oman. TNE can be a successful story if challenges are faced with a wise leadership approach. At the same time, potentially successful International Higher Education collaborations can fail if details are ignored. Professor Ahmed Al Bulushi asserts that management of TNE is strategic in its nature; however, every minute operational detail plays a vital role in the success or failure of such collaboration and hence should be given appropriate attention. Human dynamics, financial interest and the global objectives of the collaboration have to be given equal attention and this requires multidisciplinary skills and knowledge. Under Professor Ahmed Al Bulushi’s leadership, CCE has positioned itself as one of the largest private providers of higher education engineering programmes in Oman with a reputation for producing high quality graduates contributing significantly to the economic development and social capital of Oman.
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