GCPH 2013 Symposium: From Early Understanding to New Perspectives - Connectedness: From Social Capital to Resilience

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5_ Pete Seaman, GCPH Symp - SD 480p.mov
5_ Pete Seaman, GCPH Symp - SD 480p.mov
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Summary: Session five in the Symposium. Pete is a qualitative specialist working a micro level, he gives an overview of the work he has done with the theme of connectedness and social capital. There have been many projects and partners. He gives definitions of the terms used in social capital. There is an unequal distribution of these types of links in Glasgow, people are turning inward during hard times. Does Glasgow have a form of social capital and bonding which is detrimental to health? It is too tribal, which makes it a challenge - a city of many cities. To change yourself and your health, you may have to change your social capital to get rid of harmful social networks. Gives the example of a former problem drinker. Services devised to help may not be effective due to a clash of networks. People's roles in the community may have greater social capital than those in the workplace, this can be due to fragmented employment history. Narratives can become stuck and can't develop further, such as the example of moving on from youthful binge drinking to parenthood, home ownership and so on. Social capital is an important element of resilience. We need to find places for multiple stories to flourish. Talks about the Christie Report and GCPH's work with small projects to develop recovery models. They are also trying to incorporate health economics into this work. They can use different forms of media to represent the data collected. We need to find a new story for Glasgow, one which can help us to resilience. A resilient community has a belief in its ability to adapt and thrive despite adversity.
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