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GCPH Connected City - HD 1080p (1).mov
GCPH Connected City - HD 1080p (1).mov
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Summary: Bruce Whyte, Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH), opens this collaborative session and introduces the Understanding Glasgow Website. He asks participants to review the website and give feedback on the positives and negatives of this tool. Graham Leicester, Glasgow Futures Forum, then instructs participants on using this tool to play 'The Glasgow Game' in order to suggest ways to improve and make Glasgow a Connected City. The participants are split into small groups to discus a variety of elements, such as mind set, economic participation, community safety, social capital, population, education, transport, poverty, cultural vitality. Thereafter, each group gives feedback to the larger group, the content from this will be published in a report by the GCPH.
Creators: Bruce Whyte
Graham Leicester
Copyright holder: Copyright ©2013 Glasgow Centre for Population Health
Tags: Public Health, Glasgow Centre for Population Health
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