GCPH Thriving Communities: 3 Hills Community Garden (Glasgow)

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Summary: 5 of 7 films on the theme of 'Taking forward the Thriving Places Approach - Learning from Elsewhere'. Lara Calder delivers a presentation on the 3 Hills Community Garden project, Glasgow, one of eight national pathfinder projects which were part of the larger Healthy Weight Communities project. She talks about the aims of the project, engaging children and families to eat healthier and become more active, consultation with local people which identified the need for a community garden. She also discuses the reasons why Priesthill and Hazelwood areas were chosen, issues around setting up the project, problems with securing suitable land. Once land had been secured, she talks about the initiatives implemented to enable local people to take small steps to change behaviour, increase physical activity, and eat more healthily. Talks about the steering group, cross partnership working, individuals who helped in the community. Discusses how the project does take an asset based approach - values existing resources, peoples skills and time, local knowledge of area, recycling of materials and the building of people's confidence, enhanced relationships and supportive community networks. Closes the presentation with a number of quotes provided by users of the garden.
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