GCPH Seminar Series 6: Impact of Weather on Human Health - Current and Future Issues

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Summary: The fourth lecture of the sixth Seminar Series was delivered by Wayne Elliot, Head of Health forecasting at the Met Office. The presentation given by Wayne was called 'Impact of weather on human health - current and future issues' and was delivered at the Lighthouse, Glasgow. Those who attended this event heard about the work of the Met Office in relation to people's health and the initiatives they run to support the work of the health service and others involved in health protection and improvement. The work of the Met Office in relation to their work on climate change was also discussed, this included elements such as: what aspects of the British weather are important, what areas of illness/wellbeing are chiefly affected, how the health programme operates as a business - the opportunities and challenges this brings and future impacts of the climate on health - what we know and what we don't know.
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