GCPH Seminar Series 2016-2017, Lecture 3: City neighbourhoods made by everyone for everyone.

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Summary: Tessy Britton, Founder of Participatory City, London delivers the third lecture in this Seminar Series. Tessy describes the work of Participatory City and shares the research and analysis which has led to the development of a large scale Demonstration Neighbourhood in London. Participatory City is creating new structures designed to scale up practical participation, building collaborative activity into the fabric of everyday life and changing how we work together to achieve a more equal society. We all believe that people doing more things together will make our own and each other’s lives better. However, participation in neighbourhood projects is low. Wide spread participation in neighbourhoods is difficult to achieve and remains small and fragmented. While we stay attached to the notion of top down and bottom up we won’t be able to change the situation. Unless we redesign how participation works and invest in it properly we won’t be able to fully realise its potential as a key building block for building sustainable cities of the future. Realising the vision we have of vibrant places, made by everyone, for everyone, will require fundamentally changing the structures through which we work together.
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