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Summary: 3 of 7 films on the theme of 'Taking forward the Thriving Places Approach - Learning from Elsewhere'. Jan Holding presents 'Stronger Together Warrington' (STW) a concept of neighbourhood working. This project began in 2006, working in the most deprived areas of Warrington. Discusses background, Warrington, discrepancies between different wards some most deprived nationally whilst others most affluent. Talks about the aims of STW - improve all aspects of living to enable people to live the best lives possible, shift the mind-set of public services, enable people to control community budgets, improve the attitudes and expectations of people, openly recognise life inequalities that exist in the town. Talks about the governance of STW, actual work carried out and the collaboration between communities, public services and steering group. Katie Donnelly and Cam Kinsella-Drew present information on the Golden Gates Housing Trust - Health Inequalities Project. Discuss lifestyle, inequalities issues, housing stock and the landscape they operate within, housing and health issues and collective partnership working to address these issues. Hazel Smith presents information on the Women's Group, a 10 week long course which aims to inspire individuals to change behaviour through motivation and education sessions and to increase feelings of competence and self-esteem.
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