GCPH Thriving Communities: Small Sparks (Newcastle)

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Summary: 4 of 7 films on the theme of 'Taking forward the Thriving Places Approach - Learning from Elsewhere'. Karen Inglis opens this presentation with an overview of the Small Sparks project, Newcastle. Discusses Asset Based Practice, developing the skills and capacity of everyone in the community, valuing people. The importance of interventions being adopted as a long term journey; an ongoing process rather than a project. Ali Lamb presents information on the Kenton ward, an area of Newcastle, discusses the Cowgate Strategy, the Community Budget Pilot. Carol Barclay talks about the pulling together of different groups to work as one community in order to identify ways to spend the budget for the benefit of that community. Discusses what they did in the first stage of the pilot, what projects were awarded funds, talks about breaking down barriers, the Celebration Day that was held at the end. Now looking at what to do for next year. Karen Inglis closes the presentation, talks about some of the unexpected outcomes, the sharing of stories at the Celebration Day, different ways of measuring outcomes - the importance of joint working and valuing peoples stories alongside that of statistical data.
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