GCPH Seminar Series 4: Health Patterns and Trends in New York - Exploring the Idea of Fundamental Social Causes of Health Status

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Summary: Professor Bruce Link’s research has focused on how and under what conditions socioeconomic disparities are translated into health inequalities. In this lecture, Professor Link will introduce the fundamental-social-causes concept and present evidence related to its scope and validity by focusing on health patterns and trends in New York. Using data from New York and elsewhere he will argue that the association between socioeconomic status and mortality has persisted for over a century despite dramatic changes in the diseases afflicting humans and radical changes in the risk factors presumed to account for those diseases. Drawing upon a range of sources, he will suggest that socioeconomic disparities endure because socioeconomic status embodies an array of flexible resources, such as knowledge, money, power, prestige and beneficial social connections that can be used to protect health no matter what the risk factors or diseases are at any given time. His lecture will end with some considerations concerning the policy implications which arise from this perspective.
Creators: Bruce Link
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Tags: Public Health, New York, Health Inequalities
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