GCPH Thriving Communities: Marvin Malloy and Gill Jones (Stoke on Trent)

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Marvin Molloy, Gill Jones - SD 480p.mov
Marvin Molloy, Gill Jones - SD 480p.mov
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Summary: 7 of 7 films on the theme of 'Taking forward the Thriving Places Approach - Learning from Elsewhere'. Marvin Molloy and Gill Jones present 'My Community Matters', Stoke on Trent, an asset based community development approach to health improvement. Talks about the how the project came about in 2009, engaging the local community and the activities undertaken, challenges faced, successes, the people involved, the importance of implementing sustainability throughout the project, partnership working, outcomes. Discusses moving forward in partnership with connecting communities and developing neighbourhood partnerships.
Creators: Marvin Malloy
Gill Jones
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