GCPH Seminar Series 3: Creative Communities - Design, Technology and Wellbeing

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Summary: In this lecture Professor McAra-McWilliam explored the application of creativity and imagination in addressing complex challenges in a world that is perceived to be increasingly uncertain and undergoing rapid change. Using her own work on the Creative Imagination, she argued that design processes can generate alternative directions and visions, based on the values which we want to support in our societies. These can therefore work as antidotes and alternatives within the discourse of globalisation and individualisation. This lecture used case studies from McAra-McWilliam's work with Hewlett Packard, Philips and the European Union Connected Community research programme which she pioneered. These examples explored how design can foster social and technological innovation with properties which enhance wellbeing.
Creators: Irene McAra-McWilliam
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Tags: Public Health, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Design
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