GCPH Seminar Series 15, Lecture 2 16th January 2019: Health, climate change and sustainable development: engaging policy-makers, politicians, the public and private sectors.

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Summary: Despite the strength of the evidence, and the clear health benefits for taking action; health professionals have been reluctant and inconsistent in framing climate change and unsustainable development as health issues. The science concerning the problems of pollution, loss of biodiversity, and dangerous climate change grows daily. However, this seems not to be matched by the science of how best to implement what actually works best in protecting all living systems at the same time as promoting health, wellbeing and social justice across time and space. David used specific case studies to illustrate both the problems and opportunities associated with the transformational change that is needed at all levels of society. He highlighted the more creative, diverse methods and business models being used – legally, economically, and behaviourally, both within health and care systems, and more broadly. These case studies are largely drawn from the first ten years’ experience of the NHS / Public Health England Sustainable Development Unit, and some from more global initiatives.
David Pencheon
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