GCPH Seminar Series 15, Lecture 4, April 2019: From Silence to Speaking: on Silences, Health and the Importance of Being Heard.

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Summary: The scale and impact of health inequalities in Scotland is well understood: the gaps in healthy life expectancy between our communities are unjust and avoidable. Much of the work on health inequalities has tended to focus on socioeconomic circumstances as a fundamental cause. However a wide range of social circumstances impact on health, including visible identities and the impact of prejudice and discrimination. In this seminar, Professor Laura Serrant explores the issue of health inequalities though the lens of race and inter-sectional identities. She draws on both her personal and professional experience as a Black practitioner to explore why the experiences of some groups and individuals are missing from health research, professional leadership and service development. She uses her considerable experience to explore the importance of breaking silences to develop our understanding and ask whether we need to reflect more on our own identities as part of our practice, as well as that of our communities. The everyday experiences of racism can impact on the health and wellbeing of those racialised. It is important that policy-makers, researchers, service-planners and employers acknowledge the need for a deeper understanding of what is required by organisations in order to serve diverse perspectives in our systems of healthcare.
Laura Serrant
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