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NFPCG Falls Prevention Posters_Optometrist_EyeCare_Professionals_Apr13_2022.pdf
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    NFPCG Falls Prevention Posters_Optometrist_EyeCare_Professionals_Apr13_2022.pdf
    NFPCG Falls Prevention Posters_Optometrist_EyeCare_Professionals_Apr13_2022.pdf
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    Summary: These are 2 posters (as PDFS) that can be printed and placed in a shop or waiting area of an Optometrist or Eye Care Professional to raise awareness and talk about falls prevention in their older clients. The letter which accompanies this poster (in the collection) makes reference to contrast sensitivity, depth perception, visual field, cataracts, macular degeneration and visual acuity) and a discussion about how local falls services may be able to help with other risk factors and offer potential solutions. The posters can also be printed in black and white.
    Sue Dewhirst
    Additional information: These were created as part of the National Falls Prevention Coordination Group Task and Finish Vision Group, alongside a letter to Opticians, a vision and falls briefing and a video real-time showing the RCP Bedside Vision Check being completed with a patient in hospital.
    Copyright holder: Copyright © National Falls Prevention Coordination Group
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