1 Introduction

This document contains an overview of the Maths Summer School, each topic will appear as a separate chapter. A full set of notes in PDF format can be obtained here: PDF version. This PDF version will not contain certain embedded elements (videos and interactives). The PDF should hopefully indicate where content such as this has been omitted.

To help draw your attention to various key elements in the notes you will find some colour-coded boxes. Everything in boxes is likely to be particularly useful to read.

Though if interested you will find the content is approximately:

Laws and Rules





Practice questions

The notes also contain superscripts like this one1. Their purpose is generally to provide further information which while strictly not necessary2 might prove useful if you want a further explanation of a particular point. Mostly they provide a little more context or example to clarify something in a sentence.

It is strongly recommended that you attempt the questions embedded in the notes as you go along, there are also specific sections at the end of the notes with many more examples to try later for revision purposes (see Sections 6, 7 and 8).